Big Trouble In Old London Town…

Yes,  it continues!  I’ve made another game and am playing it at the moment. It’s a lovely,  doom-filled romp though London,  with a tasty Steampunk theme. The first playtest went well – I arrived in waistcoat,  dress shirt and top hat, carrying a selection of pork pies on silvered trays! Well,  I brought sushi to playtest the Japan game!

All the best!

Andrew.  AKA: GMFIRST 30.11.14






Playtesting Updates!

Thanks very much to the three amigos: Ian, Kai and Sunil (in alphabetical order): coming up(down?) from London to play games and playtest my latest creations.

EMPIRE OF…..    :   Changed the third and fourth boards to re-order the special room and check the 8-step pathways.  Changed the fourth board to mix up the success ratios and add two new locations in to get more Victory Points.   Changed the stats for the allies and also re-worked the initial stats (amalgamating two and replacing another).  Will also need to re-work the player cards, for maximum focus and minimal confusion.

SEI…….. :   Tested the newly -ENLARGED- board : a much better fit, though with multiple armies piling on, the spaces are getting full!  (Go back to using the outside of the board?  We’ll see…)  New rules added and other rules tweaked.   Overall a good fit and good strategy options.  Dependent upon preferences, though.  Eg: If you like playing “Risk”, you’ll like games like Risk.  If you like playing “Small World”, you’ll like playing games like Small World, etc.

Thoughts for the next year?    –>   Get the blog up, running and updated regularly; do Twitter; look into other social media and also start using some more-advanced software to produce things.  A games designer cannot live by Word and Paint alone..!


All the best,


Andrew Prowse



Excellent! Let’s Get Started!

Welcome to the first post of what is part of a great multimedia exploration and introduction.

Hello. My name’s Andrew Prowse.

Most know me as Andrew.  A few know me as Andy.  Some know me as RogueArtist.  Others will know me as GM FIRST.   I make games.

I have been gaming for over 25 years.   I’ve created and produced over 25 games.  (I’ve designed lots more, but I’m still working on them…)

I’m putting together a company.  It’s called Rogue Artist Creations (see and will be focused on designing, making and (hopefully) selling games.  There will be many, many ideas.  There will be updates and expansions on existing games.  There will be “drawing board” thinking and revisions.  There will be some free ideas, possibly even some free game material.  Also, hopefully a way of directly downloading games via pdf’s, etc, from the site.    All good things to come.

So, if you’ll excuse me, let’s get more of this in motion!

Many thanks and best wishes,